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At $12 a case, we'll drink anywhere.

and anytime.




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The Story

In Cambodia, there's about 1 bar per 3 people. In some places, it's 3 bars per one people.


5 Star Hotels
or 4 stars, however you rate your hotels. Especially in Siem Reap; home to Angkor Wat, the namesake of Angkor Beer.  Expect to pay up to $8 for a beer here.
Roadside Beer Stands
with cigarettes, snacks, and ice (for your beer.  Hey, it's better than drinking warm beer).  And what do you expect for 40 cents a beer anyway?

Karaoke and Discos
Which seem to be the same thing here. You can drink at a table in the main bar, or rent your own private room.

are a fabulous choice for drinking beer.  They sell you food, so you can drink more beer.

are the perfect places to drink beer. 'Cause it's free!  And if you win money, it's like they're paying you to drink.  And if you lose, it's just like paying a lot for the free beers you just drank.

On the Beach
Ever try beer in a coconut on the beach?   Well we haven't either.  But the perfect holiday at the beach just isn't perfect without beer.


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