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 Imported Beers in Cambodia

imported heineken and beer lao in cambodia

Choke Dee.

Skoal. Campey. Prost. Sante. Jing Jing. Cheers.








The Story

How about a Budweiser? A Heineken? or a nice Japanese beer. They're all here!

Hey, It's a Free Country. You just gotta pay for your beer.  Beer is imported from over 19 countries, including South-East Asian countries, North-East Asian countries, Europe (East and West), and North America.  So what's with Africa and South America?  Don't they make any good beers?

Pictures of the Port in Import

beer lao

carlsberg.... you just gotta wait

Why Pay to Ship Water? and pay for import fees, taxes, bribes, insurance and the rest.  We don't. We make imported beer right here.  (does that make sense?).  Carlsberg, Tiger & Anchor Beer.  All famous international names. Made right here in Cambodia. Neat, huh?

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