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Locally Produced Beers in Cambodia

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Fresh Beer Here!

World Class Beers made in Cambodia. And drunk (drunken?) by millions every year.





The Story

Here in Cambodia, we might not have Hops.  Or Grain.   Or sometimes electricity.  But we've got really good water in several places around the country.  Therefore, we have beer.

Water Cambodia might be a poor country in some ways, but it's rich in water. And you need water to make beer. (so they tell me).  100% of the water in Cambodian made beers comes from Cambodia.

Beer Breweries But even with the best water in the world, it's still necessary to have breweries to make a good beer.  The three major breweries, Cambodian Brewery  and Khmer Brewery in Phnom Penh, and Cambrew in Sihanoukville, make over 80% of all the beer sold in Cambodia.

Angkor Beer
Anchor, Bayon, Tiger, Klang, Black Panther, Cambodia Beer, Crown, Angkor Extra Stout, Carlsberg, Kingdom Beer, and Bayon are a few of the big names made right here in Cambodia.  Check out the Pics Page for more.

And ANGKOR BEER is the Official Beer of Cambodia.

Congrats to Cambrew, Gold Medal Award winner of the prestigious 2009 Monde Selection in Belgium.

Angkor Extra Stout took the Gold, and it's the only dark beer ever to win the Gold in Asia.

Bottom's up to the staff at Angkor Beer!  Brewed only here in Sunny SihanoukVille, Cambodia!

phnom penh beer

Locally Brewed, Internationally Drunk
or is it Drunken? Drank? Imbibed? But Beer made in Cambodia is now exported around the world.  Probably Cambodia's most famous export, along with tobacco and textiles.


Silver Medal Ale. Made in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.
Silver Medal Ale. Made in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

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