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 Cambodian Beers

Beer! Cambodia!

The perfect mix.

The Story

People in have been drinking beer in Cambodia since prehistoric times. Caves have been found deep in the jungles with drawings of drunken men laying on the ground next to coconuts filled with rice beer. They have passed out from drinking too much. Nobody knows who drew these pictures, and after touring the Angkor Wat temple complex, nobody really cares.

We Drink When We're Happy.
Weddings, Birthdays, Port Calls, Bar Mitzvah's, Grand Openings, Anniversaries, Gambling, Holidays, Weekdays, Daytime, Nighttime, Weekends, or just Drinking with Friends. All great occasions for celebration. And all good times for drinking beer.

We Drink so Much, We Have to Import Beer.
How about a Budweiser. Or a Heineken. A Miller or San Miguel anyone?  Beer is imported into Cambodia from more than 19 countries.

We Make the Best Beer in the World Here.
Angkor Beer, Anchor Beer, Tiger, Carlsberg, Cambodia Beer, Kingdom Beer, Phnom Penh Beer and many other brands. All made fresh in Cambodia, Everyday.  Cambrew and The Cambodian Brewery as well as many newer breweries make sure we have the bestest, freshest beer everyday and for every occasion.

We Drink When We're Drunk.
One of the best times to drink is when we've started to drink already. It's never too early or too late to continue drinking.

We Make so Much Beer, We've Got To Export It.
That's right. Cambodia exports beer every day. The world famous Angkor Beer is exported all over the world.  Even empty Angkor Beer Cans are sold for $10 and more (see eBay)

We Drink Wherever We Are.
With about 1 "Beer Establishment" for every 3 people in the country, you're never far from a watering hole. Be it a bar, beer stand, Island, or world class restaurant. They're all here. Here in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. And in some places, there are 3 bars for every person in town. Go figure that!?

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