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 Cambodian Beer Exports

ana likes drinking with snowmen... but only Angkor Beer

You can find Cambodian Beer in most countries in the world (even Sweden)

If you take some back home with you when you visit Cambodia.







Other than that, you'll have to find Angkor Beer in Japan, the U.S., Malaysia, Australia, and another county that I forgot, because I've been drinking.. But I do know they export beer from the Sihanoukville Port

Angkor Beer in Washington D.C.
Just one of the countries serving Angkor Beer exported from Cambodia.  I don't think Mr. Bush ever tried one yet.  He's retired now, and could probably use a few.  Let's hope that when Obama visits Cambodia, he'll bring a few cases back to D.C.

the weekly tour of Angkor Beer brewery

drink angkor beer with friends

We Export Empty Cans
On E-Bay recently, an empty can of Angkor beer (maybe it was full) sold for over $10.  For only one can!  We here at "Cambodian Beer" would like to sell our empty cans for only $1 each.  A bargain at twice the price!

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