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Breweries and Beer Factories in Cambodia

Made in Cambodia

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The Story

Beer is made in breweries.  And breweries in Cambodia make beer.

Home of The National Beer of Cambodia, Angkor Beer.
Located in Sihanoukville Cambodia.  See some Factory Pics HERE

The Cambodian Brewery
Home of such world famous beers such as Anchor and Tiger Beer.  Located just outside of Phnom Penh.

bottling beerbeer tanks at cambrew

at the upstairs bar in cambrew sihanoukville

The Sihanoukville Port.  Main import station for raw beer ingredients.  Export Angkor Beer all over the world.


sales boss for sihanoukville

sy is the man

crew of the uss essex showing off their new shirts (and free beers)

wednesday gathering at the brewery bar

Inside the Angkor / Cambrew corporate office

Rear view of the Angkor Brewery

2008 arial photo of Cambrew

Angkor Beer.  Only in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.


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